Weee and Confidential Waste

Our Weee and confidential waste service can safely and securely destroy and dispose of all used IT equipment and confidential papers, to ensure that the contents cannot be read again.

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Our aim is to reuse or recycle as much as we possibly can. With alot of wee waste, this means that many of the hard drives are recycled, whilst the computing equipment that doesn’t hold any data can be used again. Other systems have the data within them wiped, and tested before being used again.

Confidential paper waste is shredded to DIN4 level, meaning that the shredded parts are no more than 60 sq mm (4mm x 15mm). We can also shred CDs, DVDs and Blu Rays.

Magnetic tape material can be wiped using out industrial degausser that creates a massive magnetic field, causing the tape to be wiped.

Why Choose us for your Weee and Confidential Waste –

  • Insured and licensed to carry and dispose of waste.
  • Tracking of each item, from collection to disposal.
  • We can work around you, including evenings and weekends.
  • Uniformed staff
  • We reuse or recycle as much as we possibly can.
  • On site destruction available for some services.


When disposing of Weee, we track each item from the time it is picked up, to the time it is reused or recycled. This is all kept in a database, that our clients can access to see what has happened to their equipment. Whenever we data wipe anything, we issue certificate of destruction, and regularly test wiped equipment for data retrieval. This ensures that our wipe systems are working properly and correctly.

What we remove

Desktop Computers Tablets, Mobile and other Smart Devices
Memory cards and Sticks Telephone and Communication Equipment
Networking Materials All leads, wires and cables.
Confidential Paperwork Most other items not listed

Weee clearance cost –

If there are more than 30 items to be collected (Destops, Tablets, Mobiles) then the collection is free of charge. If there are less than 30 items then a small charge may be added. We can sometimes offer a rebate on equipment, as long as we know exactly what the equipment is prior to collection.

We do make a small surcharge for the collection and disposal of all monitors. This is due to our disposal costs being greater than that of any other IT equipment.