Soft Demolition / Soft strip

Soft demolition (sometimes called a soft strip, or strip out) removes all non structural elements both within, and externally to a building. This usually happens prior to full building demolition, or for refits and remodelling.

Our soft demolition service caters for both domestic and commercial properties, throughout Kent and Sussex.

The services involves the removal and disposal of the following items as an example:

Fixtures and fittings – doors, skirting boards, door frames, sockets, switches, baths, sinks, kitchens etc
Internal walls – internal, non structural walls. Be they made from block, plasterboard or other building materials.
Internal ceilings and flooring – taking down and disposing of ceilings and flooring
Electrical and plumbing – Removal of cables, pipes and all associated items

All requests are quoted for on their own merits, as we try to reclaim and reuse as much as possible. We send very little to landfill, and recycle as much as possible.

Unfortunately, we are unable to handle products or waste that contain asbestos, and our staff are asbestos trained.

Our soft demolition services takes domestic properties, and can lave them as just an empty shell.