Property Services

Cleared Wright offer a full range of property services for Landlords, agents and homeowners. All of our services can be used in full, or part, and each is quoted on its own merits and needs. We have many years of experience in the property industry, and can offer advice and guidance on any of the services below. If you require something that isn’t listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Call us today on 01323 332140 to discuss your property services needs. We offer a unique, bespoke package, designed to meet your needs.

Standard Property Services:

If you need your property looked after, then we are the ones who can do it for you. We offer property inspections for both tenanted and void properties. From this we produce a full range of photographs, together with a written report of our observations. During this inspection we can also take the meter readings. If the property is empty, we can turn the power, water and gas off, and drain down the water system and apply warning signs. This helps prevent and floods and power issues whilst the property is empty.

For properties with garden and land, we can cut grass and trim hedges.

We offer a full rubbish and waste removal services. This may be fly tipped rubbish that has been left behind, or tenants leaving alot of stuff behind after moving out, we can remove it all. We can also offer regular rubbish and collections for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Inventory, Check-In, Interim and Check-Out:

As a private landlord, you’ll know how important it is to have a full and complete inventory for when a tenant moves in. This is a major aid in helping with any arguments when it comes to time to return the deposit.

We provide a full and complete inventory service. This includes not only a written report, but also photographic evidence of the entire property. This enables you to have a complete record of the property at the time of letting it out. To give you an idea how in-depth our photography and reports are, on a 1 bed flat, we typically take approx 100 pictures, and have a 10 page report.

The check-in and out service allows us to hand the keys over to the tenant, and walk them through the inventory, highlighting all the issues that we have seen. We can also do the same at check-out, taking the keys from the tenant, and locking the property behind. At the time of check-out, we are also in the unique position of being able to provide a quote for any clearance / rubbish removal work that may need doing.

Our standard property inventory service is available within 10 miles of Hastings, East Sussex. Whilst we can work throughout East Sussex and Kent, additional charges are made outside of the 10 mile radius.

Security Services:

Mainly aimed at empty properties, but also usable on tenanted properties, our full range of security services help to protect your asset. We can offer a full lock change service, together with calls for padlocks and extra security to empty properties to prevent any reentry to any part of the property.

We can be key holders for properties, allowing for emergency access, trade access and repossession.

Our staff are experienced and trained in repossessions and taking back control of the property. We can assist with evictions, and be present for possession meetings, and be there to allow tenants back into the property to claim their personal possessions. This is something many landlords don’t want to do themselves, and we can do it for you.

Cleaning Services:

From a light end of tenancy clean, through to a complete deep clean due to messy animals and drug paraphernalia, we have the skills to do it all for you. We can remove carpets, or clean them, clean ovens, kitchen and bathrooms together with windows and doors.

We can leave properties with air fresheners and clean rooms, ready to be used or rented again.

No property has yet turn us away, so don’t be shy and give us a call.

And there’s more:

The lists above are just a few of the services that we can offer. To list them all would take up alot of space. Whatever your needs are, call us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll produce a bespoke quotation for you. We have many years of helping landlords, agents and individuals to keep their properties in the best condition. Give us a call on 01323 332 140 or complete the form on the contact us page.