Office Clearance

Cleared Wright provides an office clearance service, removing all your unwanted and unused furniture, desks, chairs, IT equipment, telephone systems and other office items. From 1 man offices, up to call centres, no office clearance is too big or small to be turned away. Whether you are closing down, relocating or just getting rid of equipment, we can help.

Call Cleared Wright today on 01323 332140 to discuss your office clearance.

Based in Hastings, and working across the South East, Cleared Wright can clear your office, and all associated areas. We remove everything, leaving the office ready for the next tenant, or to be marketed.

Our aim is to reuse or recycle as much as we possibly can from each office clearance. That way, we can provide you with our best quotation for the clearance. Anything that can be reused, we will aim to recycle, preventing it from going to landfill.

We clear everything from offices, including all the leftover rubbish! We do all the packing, lifting and moving ourselves, so you don’t need to do anything. Any confidential paperwork we find can be shredded to Din4 standard and then recycled.


Why Choose us for your office clearance

  • Insured and licensed to carry and dispose of waste.
  • Able to remove everything from offices
  • We can work around you, including evenings and weekends.
  • Uniformed staff
  • We reuse or recycle as much as we possibly can.
  • Cleared Wright offers a document shredding and data destruction service.

Furthermore, we believe in providing you with the best possible service. That is why we offer an all-in-one service, whereby we remove and dispose of everything for you. If you want to be left with an empty room (due to new tenants or end of tenancy) then we can do that. We can handle all the furniture, computers, wires, chairs, stationary etc. This makes the whole clearance easier for you.

We issue all the appropriate waste transfer notes, together with invoices and a detailed report on what happened to everything that we removed (if required). If we are requested to carry out data destruction on computers or magnetic media, then we can also issue sanitisation certificates for these.

What we remove –

Desks and Chairs Filing Cabinets
Tables, Cases and Displays Kitchen and staff room items
Computers, Screens and associated wiring Printers, Toners and Cartridges
Stationary and other small items Anything else not listed

How to book an office clearance –

Cleared Wright want to make the process of booking an office clearance as easy as possible. Ideally, we would like to come and view the office before the clearance, as that give us the best idea of what needs to be removed, and how we get everything out the building.
If we can’t get to see the office, then we can work from clear pictures of the office.
Once our quote has been agreed, we can then book you in for the clearance.

Data Destruction and Confidential Waste

Any computer system, phone, internet device or anything that holds any data, collected during an office clearance, will be wiped before we reuse or recycle it. If we cannot wipe your data from a device, then we physically destroy it, to ensure that no data can ever be retrieved. We use software that is CESG certified. We can issue data destruction certificates, and show you what has happened to each item of electronic equipment from when it was removed. This includes showing when it was wiped of data, and where it ended up going (ie recycled, external reuse, donated etc).
For any confidential paperwork that is in a clearance is shredded at our base, to DIN4 level. This means that the paper is taken down to 4mmx15mm. We can also shred CDs and DVDs to such a level to ensure that their data cannot be retrieved.