Olympia SM7 Typewriter

The Olympia SM7 Typewriter was originally made from 1961 to 1964. Made in Western Germany, it was produced in 3 colours; white, pink and blue. The example below is the white one and was produced in 1961, with serial 1883363.

Having a standard QWERTY keyboard, and being supplied in a carry case, it was ideal for use within the office, or home.

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Contained within its case, the SM7 was classed as a portable typewriter. Whilst today we wouldn’t call it portable, it does have a handle on the case.Olympia SM7 Typewriter

The SM7 typewriter is affixed to its base, but can be released by simply pressing 2 levers, which sit either side of the typewriter.

This model carries the ‘Made in Western Germany’ badge at the back of the barrel. Later models have it at the front, below the Olympia logo.

Having all the feature expected from a typewriter at the time, this model was ideal for clerical and office duties including letters and forms.

Originally made in 3 colours, this white model carries the turquoise ‘shift’ keys.

Olympia SM7 Typewriter
Olympia SM7 Typewriter

The simplistic yet robust design, means it has been able to outlive many of its rivals.

Despite needing a clean, you can see from the underneath how much engineering has gone into the production of this model.

Although it needs a ribbon change, the typeface can be seen here.

This particular one will be sold through eBay, and we will update with sales details as and when we can.

More details on the Olympia SM range of typewriters can be viewed here. If you have any questions or comments on this model, please leave them on our YouTube Video, which can be found here.

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