Japy P68 Typewriter

We recently had the opportunity to purchase a Japy P68 typewriter at auction. Having never come across this brand before, it was a bit of a gamble, but the stylish looks and appearance we took the risk, and we’re glad we did!

Doing bits of research online, it seems that Japy may be a French company, and the typewriter was probably made under license in Germany or Austria. We couldn’t find anything that was conclusive in this. We can however say that it was made between 1949 and 1961. We were unable to locate the serial number on this one, so couldn’t narrow it down further (source: Here). There are also a couple of sources that point to this being called the Japy Script.

This particular model has the AZERTY keyboard, which made typing the first piece on it very interesting! A number of the left hand keys are in different places to that of the QWERTY keyboards.

The base is approx 27.5cm wide, 31cm long, and it stands approx 9cm tall.

Japy P68 Typewriter

Missing its travel case, this example has survived in great condition, with just a few minor issues.

The only indication on there that its a Jpay one is this logo. We couldn’t find the serial number on this model.

The AZERTY keyboard makes it interesting to use, if you’re not used to using it.

A few if the keys are a bit beaten up. They appear to have either been corroded by something being spilt on them, or attacked by something else! We don’t know its history, but it appears to have been well kept and stored for over the years.

The stylish look from this angle, is what made us go for this typewriter in the beginning. The advance handle is s sleek design, that screams 1950’s.

The rear view is nothing special, mainly because this would normally be hidden when the typewriter is within the travel case (which ours is missing).

The simplicity of this model is clear here. There is nothing in the way, and nothing there that isn’t needed there.

In need of a clean, this is the view below the cover. The ribbon needs to be changed in this one.

The view of the bottom, gives you an idea of the number of parts and the engineering that went into this model.

An example of the type face. It does need a new ribbon, which is why its not very clear.


Having considered all the options, we have decided that we will be selling this typewriter. It will be listed on eBay, and we may update this listing and give you some of the sale details.