House Clearance Prices

When most people are looking for a house clearance, they typically look at one thing – the price. Although there are other factors that come into play, in our vast experience we have learnt that people care about house clearance prices, over what happens to the items removed.

However, calculating the price isn’t as simple as saying ‘3 bed house cost £800’ or anything similar. Whilst there are some companies who will take this attitude in providing prices, we look at each and every clearance based on its own merits. There are many factors that we take into account, and below we’ll explain a few of them. If you are reading this article expecting to get precise numbers for your house clearance, then we’re sorry to say you won’t find them, due to the reasons below.

1 – What needs to be removed
This one may sound a bit obvious, but different items can cost us different amounts to remove. Fridges, freezers TV for example can carry an extra premium at the disposal sites. We also need to think about removing the items. Are they all bagged, and ready to go? Or is it like a recent clearance where we had to clear 2 tonnes of coal from a bunker that first had to be bagged, and then man handled out, before being placed on a trolley.

2 – Is there any value in what is being removed?
During a quote, we normally have a quick look around the property and see what is there. If we quote from images we can only quote from what we see. But when we look, we see if there is anything that may hold value that we can re-sell through auction, online sales or similar. If we are removing items of value, we typically take that into account when providing the final quote.

3 – Logistics, logistics, logistics
Many people tell us that parking is easy, and just a few metres away. Other properties have a drive way. Either way this needs to be looked at as we nee to get a van as close as possible. We’ve had issues getting vans onto driveways before, and a few metres turns into parking 50 metres away. The nearer the property we can park the better.
Also, if we can load direct from the property is better than having to move everything down 3 flights of stairs, through 5 fire doors and wait for a warden to unlock for us.

Those are just 3 of the reasons why House Clearance Prices vary so much from property to property. We’ve quoted 2 bed houses at £200 for a clearance and at £1200 for the same size property. This is why its so important that we get to see as much as we can before we quote, and emails that say ‘how much to clear a 3 bed house’ are typically ignored.