Ewaste and Computer Recycling

Our Ewaste and computer recycling service is available throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey. If you have more than 10 items to dispose of (from list below) then we can collect free of charge. Data destruction certificates are  available upon request.

Computer Recycling Sussex
Our computer recycling service is available throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

To comply with the Weee Regulations of 2007 (and amendments), companies have a responsibility to ensure that their electronic waste is recycled in the proper way. That is where we come in. We can reuse or recycle almost anything with a plug on it. This excludes fridges, freezers and items containing refrigeration gases, as these are charged at our standard rate.

What Ewaste do you collect?

The following is a list of the normal items that we collect. This list is not complete, as there are many items that we can still collect. Basically, anything that has a plug, charger or runs on electric, we can collect (excluding fridges).

– Computers and Laptops
– Servers
– Monitors
– Printers
– Mobile Phones and Telephone Systems
– Routers, Switches and UPS
– TV & Video equipment
– All cables, leads, chargers and power packs
– Kitchen Appliances inc. Microwaves
– Power tools and Machinery

How do I book a collection?

Booking an ewaste collection is easy. We collect from both personal and business addresses. To arrange your booking:

1. Have a look and see what you need collecting. If its more than 10 items from the list above, we’ll collect for free.
2. Give us a call on 01323 332 140 or email us, with details of what you need collecting, and when you would like it done. We can normally collect within 24/48 hours.
3. Sort all the items so they are close as possible to where we can park, and collect. Having them all in one pile, is so much easier for us, than having to walk around a office block.
4. Sit back and enjoy the space you’ve just created!

Computer Recycling FAQs

We have alot of stuff that we don’t know what it is, would you take it?
Yes. If its run by electric, and has leads and cables, then chances are we will. We can always confirm on the day.

2. We need all the data to be destroyed…..
Not a problem. We offer a full physical destruction service for items that contain sensitive data. We can also offer data destruction certification if required.

3. Do you reuse anything?
Yes, if possible. Depending on the age / condition of the item. Some items are recycled, some stripped for parts, and some reused as they are.

4. We can only have collections done on evenings and weekends, can you help?
Yes. We can operate during, after and before normal work hours. So if you’re an education establishment (for example) we can be there after pupils have left, or before. The same applies for offices, factories etc.