Bomb found on house celarance
On house clearances we find many items. Everything you can imagine in your own house, your friends houses, and those that you see on TV. Sometimes, odd object make us laugh, cry, or wonder why someone would have them in their house. Then there are the other objects, that make […]

An explosive find!

House Clearance Prices
When most people are looking for a house clearance, they typically look at one thing – the price. Although there are other factors that come into play, in our vast experience we have learnt that people care about house clearance prices, over what happens to the items removed. However, calculating […]

House Clearance Prices

Void Property Clearances
House Clearances are usually requested when one of the following happens; Someone is taken into care, someone dies or moving and downsizing. There are other reasons, but theses are the top 3. These can carry high levels of stress and unhappiness, particularly if you choose the wrong house clearance company […]

10 House Clearance Top Tips