Bungalow Clearance in Hastings

Cleared Wright recently had the pleasure to undertake a bungalow clearance in Hastings. Whilst it appeared at first to be a simple clearance, it wasn’t until we accessed the loft that we realised that this wasn’t going to be a standard run of the mill clearance.

Hastings Bungalow Clearance Few personal Items remaining


The 2 bedroom bungalow was a spacious property. With all room leading off a central hallway, there was 1 reception room, a kitchen (leading to conservatory), bathroom, toilet and 2 bedrooms. The property was virtually empty, with just a few items remaining in each room. The remaining items were just about enough to load up a van. There was a couple of single beds, old wardrobes, a few chairs and some personal items. The kitchen had most of its appliances left, and we always recycle these. They were to old and passed it to be used again.

Old Kitchen
The kitchen was old and outdated

When we gained access to the loft space, we were amazed to see how much was up there. The attic took was as large as the floor area of the bungalow, and contained thousands of books and DVDs. Certainly not what we expected to see, given that the main bungalow was so empty.

DVDs in the loft
Stacks of DVDs in the loft
Thousands of books in loft space
Thousands of books in loft.

Luckily, with the property being a bungalow, we only had to get the books and DVDs out the loft, and not have to worry about any stairs or bringing them down. Once down, we were able to see how many we had. The books were all bagged, and there was enough to fill an estate car, with some left over. We know this, because we offered them to someone, who came in a big estate car, but had to make a return journey for the rest of them.

The DVDs were all in tubs, and we estimate there was maybe 24 big tubs of DVDs. There was a mix of new and used ones in there.

We believe that at some point in the past, the loft was used by a trader, to store there stock. It might have been for car boots, or online sales.

The clearance of the bungalow took us 2 days, and left the property empty, ready to be sold.


Finished bungalow clearance hastings
The finished bungalow clearance

Empty Loft SPace