Asset Disposal

Asset Disposal – From individuals, charities, companies, groups and organisations we can dispose of assets big and small with the sole aim being to obtain the maximum possible return for your items.

More details on our asset disposal service will be posted here soon. Please bear with us.

We can provide you with a complete discrete disposal service, in a number of ways. This may include Auctions (both auction houses and on site auctions), us selling the assets on your behalf, and buyouts where we agree a price and purchase and remove the assets. We can mix and match these offerings, and can work to tight deadlines. This added flexibility gives us the edge over our competitors.

Normally one call does it all, and if your property needs to be left empty, with all the rubbish removed as well, we can help with that to.

Typically we charge a commission for our services. This will be agreed before any work is carried out, and will not include any addition charges that may be needed to be paid, such as auctioneers fees, rubbish removal costs etc.

Whilst we are still writing the rest of this page, please contact us to discuss your asset disposal needs.

Asset Disposal FAQ:

  1. What assets can you dispose of?

We can dispose of almost anything, that still retains value to it. This may be business stock, or household items, office furniture or electronic equipment.

2. How much do you charge?

This varies depending on what is being disposed of, and how much work is required from us. If the assets have enough value in them, typically we charge a percentage of the value we obtain from them, with the remaining going back to the people instructing us.

3. What areas do you cover?

We can cover the whole of the UK, but mainly based ourselves in Sussex and the South East of England.

4. We have just one line of stock to dispose of, that retails for £50 a unit, can you get us £45 a unit?

No. This is a very common question we get asked. We need to be able to sell on items for the best possible price, in a reasonable time (otherwise storage charges will start to be applied). This normally means that we reach out to people who already sell that item at trade or retail. In order to get them to entertain buying your excess items, we typically have to sell below wholesale price.