4 Bed House Clearance – Rubbish, Mice and Mushrooms!

The Cleared Wright team recently under took a clearance of a 4 bed detached property with garage. The aim was to leave the property empty, ready to be sold. Being in probate the job was handled slightly differently form the normal, but nothing we couldn’t manage.

Having stood empty for a number of years, there were a number of issues that had to be overcome. At some point a leak had appeared in the roof of one room. This had caused dampness in the kitchen and a bedroom, and mushrooms were even growing out of the carpet.

At some point the property had also had a rodent issue. This was evident by the number of nests that were found. The shredded paper and mice pooh were clear give aways. There was no evidence of it being a current problem.

Normally on almost all house clearances, we find out of date food. This is nothing uncommon. However on this particular clearance, we found a large amount of food from the 1990’s. Although it was tempting to try it, it was all binned.

The property was cleared in 4 days by a team of 2. A 12 yard skip was filled to the brim, and a number of van loads took the items to a recycling point. A video of the clearance was made, and can be viewed on you YouTube channel.